Maia Running-Candle

It is said that the moontouched can transform into their komorebi, whether that’s water for one and fire for another. Many do not believe such rumors, but the moontouched all know it to be true. They treat these abilities with the greatest reverence and borderline terror.

There is a ghost story amongst the moontouched. It tells of a girl named Maia Running-Candle who came to a school for moontouched to learn how to use her light komorebi. She was one of the most skilled students who had ever come to the school, mastering high-level techniques during her first year and quickly advancing beyond what her peers could do.

Maia’s master was content to let her learn each new ability as she mastered the previous one, but the dean began to worry that she was learning too fast. Many moontouched skills can have dangerous and long-lasting consequences.

Two years into Maia’s studies, her master came before the dean and told him Maia was ready to learn the most advanced and dangerous technique a moontouched could learn. This would be the capstone lesson to make Maia a true master; transforming into her element. While Maia’s studies showed that she had mastered every other ability, the school had strict ethical guidelines. The dean determined that she could not learn the new ability until she had been at the school long enough to understand the dangers and implications of the ability. She would have to complete twelve full years with the college.

The dean generously offered her employment as a teaching assistant, believing that this would give her the chance to see and experience all levels of komorebi and understand why it could be dangerous, but instead, it gave her the chance to gain sympathy among her peers. Less than a year later, her master finally agreed to teach her the capstone ability without the dean’s consent.

Soon after, the pair snuck into the training grounds together. The lesson began with a demonstration in which the light master flawlessly shifted, her form disappearing into a beam of light that zipped around the room. Excited, the apprentice began to mimic her instructor’s movements.

Realizing what her pupil intended to do, the master began to shift back, her form coalescing and becoming more solid as a warning left her lips, “wait-!”

The student’s form dissolved, bright light filling the room as she streaked around it, bouncing haphazardly against the walls. The beam of light struck her master’s incomplete form, causing a bright explosion. The form flickered and dimmed, finally settling into a single humanoid shape made of light.

Photo by vale on Unsplash

Now, that humanoid shape travels the world, roaming at the speed of light. At any point, you may look over your shoulder and see her. She will have something to tell you, but she will be unable to speak.

Nobody is certain whether the event killed the apprentice and left the master stuck in a half-light, half-human form, or whether it merged the two into a single being made of light. To this day, the story is told as a cautionary tale to impatient moontouched and to each new student who prepares to learn this potentially deadly ability.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The Kre caves were named after a powerful earth komorebi named Kre Karson who built them using his komorebi to create passageways through the many rock formations in the Grayrock Canyon. Each cave is just a short passageway rather than a dead-end cave. When asked why they’re completely square, he told them that sarcastically that if they wanted pretty caves, then they could use their komorebi to come down and smooth out every single rock.

Athena the Honest: moontouched, komorebi, darkness, Athena’s Trail, Athena’s Forest, historical figure

Darkness is the komorebi of Truth. Those who use darkness magic believe in truth, but one Darkness moontouched, Athena the Honest, was betrayed by her brethren, three other Darkness Moontouched, when they told the world that they would not be involved in the great wars of their time. When the war escalated into Light versus Darkness, she fled to live in the forest. That forest is now know as the Athena’s Forest. Traveler’s who take Athena’s Trail, the main path through the forest, have reported that they are unable to tell lies while under cover of the forest’s trees.