Alaila Mild-Twine: elves, history

Alaila Mild-Twine is a high elf sorceress who was abused by her husband. Elven society is matriarchal, but the queen chose to believe her husband, the queen’s brother, instead of Alaila. In her anger, Alaila destroyed the village. She now kills anyone who enters the forest who reminds her of her husband or the queen, namely men and royalty of any elf-like species.

She has lived well over a thousand years, longer than the laws of nature permit, but when nature moontouched come to take her to the lands of death, they are never seen again. They have learned to avoid Alaila’s Forest.

Photo by Paz shots from Pexels

Demontimes: human, celebrations

Colorful and ornate masks are worn during the celebration of Demontimes in which people build floats to celebrate the defeat of a demonic lord, Finuput. There are always two floats; one for Finuput and his allies and one for those who opposed him. Every participant wears a homemade mask to hide their identity, and they throw necklaces from the floats to the crowds as they parade through town.

The most generous float wins, and at some point each of the major figures (Sheldon Glass, Kelly Horse, The Mystery, Harold, and Finuput) throw a special necklace down. Whoever catches it becomes that figure the next year. Finuput is the only named figure on his float while all the other figures are on the other float. Each float has masked soldiers to assist them.

Photo by hitesh choudhary from Pexels

Ellerie Forest: location, forest, mushrooms, butterflies

The Ellerie Forest was one of the first wonders humans witnessed in the natural world. The trees there are so dense that only luminescent mushrooms keep the forest lit. The blue Seawing butterfly’s wings absorb the light of the mushrooms and glow for a short time after landing on a mushroom, while reflective pollen from the surrounding trees sparkles through the air.