Flower-Hide Forest: elves, flowerhide forest, flora

The leaves of most plants in Flower-Hide Forest are purple. Elves from that region can’t see the color purple, but instead see a grayish color when they look at something purple. Because of this, the rare green leaves are prized, and these elves tend to become fascinated with the colorful foliage in other regions.

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler from StockSnap

Darnell Asylum: humans, unseen elves, half-elves, elves


The Darnell Asylum has a dark history. When humans first began to interbreed with elves, they were unaccustomed to magical abilities that the half-elf and three quarters elf children sometimes had. They locked them in this asylum to control them. The asylum was overrun by magic spiders from the elven forests, and the elf hybrid children fled into the forest. To this day, the webs in the asylum are too thick to break, and feral elf-hybrids are found roaming the woods, though most of their human blood has been diluted by bandearg or elven blood. (Click here to learn more about bandeargen)

Athena the Honest: moontouched, komorebi, darkness, Athena’s Trail, Athena’s Forest, historical figure


Darkness is the komorebi of Truth. Those who use darkness magic believe in truth, but one Darkness moontouched, Athena the Honest, was betrayed by her brethren, three other Darkness Moontouched, when they told the world that they would not be involved in the great wars of their time. When the war escalated into Light versus Darkness, she fled to live in the forest. That forest is now know as the Athena’s Forest. Traveler’s who take Athena’s Trail, the main path through the forest, have reported that they are unable to tell lies while under cover of the forest’s trees.

Kellytown: location, mountains, dragons


The town of Kellytown is at the top of a mountain. There is a river on the outskirts of town where the citizens love to swim. It is the ancient home of a group of dragons, and the black dragon returned here to lay her eggs for many years. The dragonriders and dragons frolicked in the waters, jumping off the cliffs into the deep pool at the mountaintop without hesitation, just as the townsfolk always have. The river is unique because the large river is fed by a spring that comes out of the ground, forming a deep pool at the top of the mountain from which the rives flows.