Druid Circle of Venom

Dwarves are rarely druids since they feel a stronger connection to the earth and the mind, but there in exception in what the bandeargen call the Eresse Mountains. These dwarves communed with the magic spiders in the woods to learn venom magic.

When the elves found the dwarves, they believed they were a threat and drove them out of the woods.The dwarves were forced to flee to the lakes below. Now they practice venom magic with the jellyfish in the lakes while elves protect the forests.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

The Bridge

Some people believe that at the end of days, a bridge will appear that only the worthy can cross to reach the world that comes after the end of days. Others believe that the bridge is always present, but can only be found near the end of days.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

One adventurerer, Eli Munse, believed that he found the bridge, and took a company of humans, bandearg, and a single dwarf across. Non of them came back, but a local woman began hearing voices that night and claimed they were the voices of the people that crossed over. She said that there were just two of them, but they wouldn’t stop bickering, and soon after began to drink heavily until her death eleven years later.

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The Kre caves were named after a powerful earth komorebi named Kre Karson who built them using his komorebi to create passageways through the many rock formations in the Grayrock Canyon. Each cave is just a short passageway rather than a dead-end cave. When asked why they’re completely square, he told them that sarcastically that if they wanted pretty caves, then they could use their komorebi to come down and smooth out every single rock.

The Cornish Circus

The Cornish circus is one of the few human-run wonders on Ferella. Unlike the ancient human circuses, this one is truly run by the animals. The animals in this circus are descendants of the ones humans first brought with them to Ferella. Like humans, they underwent mutations when they arrived, gaining the ability to control the twelve komorebi.

The animals that remained in the circus are Technology Komorebi. Technology is the komorebi of reason, and they gained unusual intelligence from their abilities. They used that intelligence to run their circus and maintain the creature comforts that their ancestors were accustomed to when they were owned by humans.

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay

The animals found that most humans didn’t want to do business with animals, or thought they could cheat them, and the circus gained a reputation for harming people who refused to pay. The Cornish family offered to become the face of the circus to deal with humans on the animals’ behalf, and the animals were only seen during their acts or by their employees after that.

Alaila Mild-Twine: elves, history

Alaila Mild-Twine is a high elf sorceress who was abused by her husband. Elven society is matriarchal, but the queen chose to believe her husband, the queen’s brother, instead of Alaila. In her anger, Alaila destroyed the village. She now kills anyone who enters the forest who reminds her of her husband or the queen, namely men and royalty of any elf-like species.

She has lived well over a thousand years, longer than the laws of nature permit, but when nature moontouched come to take her to the lands of death, they are never seen again. They have learned to avoid Alaila’s Forest.

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Darnell Asylum: humans, unseen elves, half-elves, elves


The Darnell Asylum has a dark history. When humans first began to interbreed with elves, they were unaccustomed to magical abilities that the half-elf and three quarters elf children sometimes had. They locked them in this asylum to control them. The asylum was overrun by magic spiders from the elven forests, and the elf hybrid children fled into the forest. To this day, the webs in the asylum are too thick to break, and feral elf-hybrids are found roaming the woods, though most of their human blood has been diluted by bandearg or elven blood. (Click here to learn more about bandeargen)