Smoke Dancers of Atlantis

In the great city of Atlantis, there is an exclusive training school for the smoke dancers. This elite entertainment group travels the world from the first day of autumn to the last day of winter. You can find them in theaters with crowds of hundreds or in the streets putting on a complete show for a single small child, though each smoke dancer chooses where they perform. They may tour with a large group of up to ten dancers, or an individual may travel alone.

Photo by Merlin lightpainting from Pexels

The winter cold is said to enhance their mystical powers. In the depths of the cold months, they can produce nearly endless amounts of smoke. Their control increases, allowing them to form the smoke into intricate shapes that they can never create in the warmer months.

There are many theories about the unusual nature of smoke dancers’ talents. Some people assume that the heat from the smoke creates fog, much like one’s breath on the cold winter’s morning, while others believe there is a more mystical explanation. Upon interrogation, no smoke dancer has revealed the source of their ability to control smoke. However, some people theorize that it is related to the air, water, or fire komorebi.

Druid Circle of Venom

Dwarves are rarely druids since they feel a stronger connection to the earth and the mind, but there in exception in what the bandeargen call the Eresse Mountains. These dwarves communed with the magic spiders in the woods to learn venom magic.

When the elves found the dwarves, they believed they were a threat and drove them out of the woods.The dwarves were forced to flee to the lakes below. Now they practice venom magic with the jellyfish in the lakes while elves protect the forests.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The Kre caves were named after a powerful earth komorebi named Kre Karson who built them using his komorebi to create passageways through the many rock formations in the Grayrock Canyon. Each cave is just a short passageway rather than a dead-end cave. When asked why they’re completely square, he told them that sarcastically that if they wanted pretty caves, then they could use their komorebi to come down and smooth out every single rock.

Alaila Mild-Twine: elves, history

Alaila Mild-Twine is a high elf sorceress who was abused by her husband. Elven society is matriarchal, but the queen chose to believe her husband, the queen’s brother, instead of Alaila. In her anger, Alaila destroyed the village. She now kills anyone who enters the forest who reminds her of her husband or the queen, namely men and royalty of any elf-like species.

She has lived well over a thousand years, longer than the laws of nature permit, but when nature moontouched come to take her to the lands of death, they are never seen again. They have learned to avoid Alaila’s Forest.

Photo by Paz shots from Pexels

Ellerie Forest: location, forest, mushrooms, butterflies

The Ellerie Forest was one of the first wonders humans witnessed in the natural world. The trees there are so dense that only luminescent mushrooms keep the forest lit. The blue Seawing butterfly’s wings absorb the light of the mushrooms and glow for a short time after landing on a mushroom, while reflective pollen from the surrounding trees sparkles through the air.

Flower-Hide Forest: elves, flowerhide forest, flora

The leaves of most plants in Flower-Hide Forest are purple. Elves from that region can’t see the color purple, but instead see a grayish color when they look at something purple. Because of this, the rare green leaves are prized, and these elves tend to become fascinated with the colorful foliage in other regions.

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler from StockSnap