Druid Circle of Venom

Dwarves are rarely druids since they feel a stronger connection to the earth and the mind, but there in exception in what the bandeargen call the Eresse Mountains. These dwarves communed with the magic spiders in the woods to learn venom magic.

When the elves found the dwarves, they believed they were a threat and drove them out of the woods.The dwarves were forced to flee to the lakes below. Now they practice venom magic with the jellyfish in the lakes while elves protect the forests.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Kellytown: location, mountains, dragons


The town of Kellytown is at the top of a mountain. There is a river on the outskirts of town where the citizens love to swim. It is the ancient home of a group of dragons, and the black dragon returned here to lay her eggs for many years. The dragonriders and dragons frolicked in the waters, jumping off the cliffs into the deep pool at the mountaintop without hesitation, just as the townsfolk always have. The river is unique because the large river is fed by a spring that comes out of the ground, forming a deep pool at the top of the mountain from which the rives flows.