Wanted Poster 001

This portrait was found on a piece of large paper in the walls of a house in an abandoned human settlement titled Settlement Alpha. It was packed into the walls with other, unreadable pages. The writing below the image was indecipherable, but scholars’ best guess is that it’s a wanted poster for this individual. Further excavations may reveal more information.

Artifact Details:
Site: ALPHA-10363-02
Item: Wanted Poster 001
Date: Mittelsommer 04, 10363
Location: EB 01 E87 S6 D78
Description: 18cm wide, 26cm tall portrait on paper

Darnell Asylum: humans, unseen elves, half-elves, elves


The Darnell Asylum has a dark history. When humans first began to interbreed with elves, they were unaccustomed to magical abilities that the half-elf and three quarters elf children sometimes had. They locked them in this asylum to control them. The asylum was overrun by magic spiders from the elven forests, and the elf hybrid children fled into the forest. To this day, the webs in the asylum are too thick to break, and feral elf-hybrids are found roaming the woods, though most of their human blood has been diluted by bandearg or elven blood. (Click here to learn more about bandeargen)

Bandearg: race, primitive, forest-dwelling

Bandearg: race, primitive, forest-dwelling

pink troll

Side Note: Bandearg is believed to be the word for “pink” in an ancient Eurthan language, suggesting that humans may have given the race the name they use today.

Passionate Culture

Bandeargen, also known as pink trolls due to their unique hair color, live in camps in the wilderness and occasionally at human settlements. Their culture revolves around fighting. Disputes are settled in hand-to-hand combat in which the winner is chosen by popular opinion. For this reason, Strength can often be used in place of Charisma when interacting with a bandearg. If a chief is killed in such combat, their opponent becomes chief. Otherwise, the title descends to their favorite son or male relative upon their death.

Hunters and Gatherers

Bandeargen have strong gender roles in which men hunt and fight while women gather food and care for children. That said, bandeargen truly care more about fighting ability than gender.

Polygamy and Marriage

Male bandeargen sometimes have multiple spouses. It is possible for a female bandeargen to have multiple husbands, though it is rare. A bandearg with more than one spouse must be exceptional in combat, or one spouse might choose to leave them. Divorce is as simple as one spouse saying that they are no longer married. Most adult bandeargen are married, as they see marriage as a symbol of status. It is uncommon to have three spouses, though a few powerful adventurers and chiefs have done so.

pink troll fire

Pink Trolls and Outsiders

Bandeargen have light–to-bronze skin and pink hair. However, some have blue and white streaks, and occasionally hair that is white or some combination of the three colors. These colors often appear in creatures of other races with bandearg ancestry. Bandeargen have married individuals of many races due to fascination with their coloring, and despite their stockiness and exceptionally course features.

Bandeargen look upon others as inferior, but do not feel any hostility towards them. There have even been a few rare instances of people from other races winning positions as chief of bandearg camps due to their one-to-one combat prowess.


Bandearg look on dwarves as competition, as they are the only race bandearg consider comparable in physical strength, durability, and sturdiness. While dwarves live in bare and mountainous regions and bandeargen live on forested hills and mountainsides, they have a well-developed distaste for the more civilized group. Strangely enough, this dislike does not seem to extend to elves.

Dragons and Dragonborn

Bandeargen admire draconic creatures for their immense strength and power, regardless of alignment. They have strong affinity for dragons, and are often found amongst dragonkeepers.


Those few bandeargen who have met Monstorians fear them. Their physical power and powerful magic can make Monstorians frightening enemies. In some cases, fear can become hate.

Bandearg Names

Male names typically include 2-5 consonants separated by “ee” sounds, or in very rare instances “aa” or other doubled vowels. Female names begin with the vowel set and have 1-4 consonants. Parents typically use letters from their own names to name their children, and female children typically have the same letters as their fathers, but in reverse order, using anywhere from one to four of the letters in her father’s name and ending with either one of two vowels. For example, Weeteexeelee might have two daughters named Eleexeete and Eelee. Last names are not typical, at least among bandeargen living in camps.

Bandearg Traits (contains modified OGL content)

As a bandearg, you have the following natural and learned traits.

Ability Score Increase Your Strength increases by 1 and your Constitution increases by 2.

Age Bandeargen live very short but active lives, reaching maturity at age 5 and rarely living past 80 years old. They age approximately 3x as fast as humans until they reach adulthood at age 5.

Alignment Bandeargen are almost exclusively lawful, not due to natural tendencies but due to necessity. Bandeargen with chaotic nature either leave home or die. Lawful evil bandeargen are the most common, followed by lawful neutral. Lawful good bandeargen are rarely successful, but sometimes join human societies and are comfortable there.

Size Male bandeargen are short and stocky, approximately 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall. The women tend to be quite a bit taller than men, closer to 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 feet tall. Your size is medium.

Speed Your base walking speed is 30 feet

Darkvision Bandeargen are natural predators, stalking prey through the trees at night. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Hardskull Bandeargen are known for the thickness of their skulls, granting them greater resistance to damage. Your armor class increases by 1.

Tree Sneak You can move from tree to tree using your climbing speed or half your normal speed, if you do not have one. This can be done for any length of time, and you can use stealth at a normal pace if at least 20 feet high in a tree.

Survival You have proficiency in the Survival and Stealth skills.

Languages You speak, read, and write Bandearg, the language of bandeargen. This language is simple and focused on practical discussion. As a result, bandeargen who are more intellectual often invent their own words or use a combination of Ferellan and Bandearg. This had led to different dialects of Bandearg in various human settlements with high bandearg populations.